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In Swarmonian Explorer, you take control over a swarm of particles to explore a huge variety of maps.
You have to grow your swarm and solve puzzles or fight enemies with it in order to proceed.
But it is not that easy, the world of Swarmonian Explorer is filled with dangers like enemy swarms, mysterious ghost dots and deadly spikes!

Your swarm is made of different particles, each color representing a special feature of this particle.

  • Green: Health. The most vulnerable particle, if you don't have any of these left, your whole swarm dies
  • Yellow: Activators. Usually used to activate mechanics but can also function as a bait to protect your health.
  • Red: Strength. This is your food army, they can be used to attack and deal a massive amount of damage, but also die quick.
  • Blue: Shield. They are used just like Strength to attack, but deal less damage and survive longer.
  • White: Lumination. It is always good to have some of these, because they boost the view range of the particles nearby.

What is new in Alpha 1.1?

  • Changed to pseudo 3D graphics for some tiles
  • improvements to the map editor
  • complete light system overhault
  • new lightsource tile available

The future of the game

The game is currently in a good playable state, and I plan to release more updates with new features, maps and additions to the map editor.

Creating your own maps

You can create your own maps with the ingame map editor.
I am also working on a service where you can upload and share your creations with others.

You don't like the look of the game?

That is no problem, you can extend and/or completely change the look of Swarmonian Explorer by creating your own texture pack.

Vote on Steam Greenlight!

Please vote for the game on steam greenlight, every owner of a copy on itch.io will get a steamkey after the game is greenlit.

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Buy Now$3.90 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Swarmonian Explorer Alpha 1.1 34 MB

Exclusive content

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You are part of the Swarm!

If you buy this, you can get your name on the About-Page!


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